Friday, 6 November 2015

Casinos are a Mug's Game

Casinos are a mug's game. Yes, folks, the minute you step inside a casino either online or in the flesh you are classed as a mug. Just think, that’s how they built Las Vegas and every granny in the land has paid the price, not to mention, the future generation, whom have missed out because you lost their inheritance for being a mug. Sorry, to be so blunt, but unless I am blunt and truthful you perhaps will not listen to my words.

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Kenny Rogers - The Gambler

Casinos can be fun places don’t get me wrong; they have the glamour and excitement of winning more than you started with. But, what we should remember is that most games of chance have fixed betting odds and these always guarantee the casinos that they make money ~ your money. So, do you see what I am trying to say, if you don’t have an edge and without an edge you are dead, so to speak.

Because, whatever way you shake it, you cannot beat the fixed odds betting games of chance. Sure, I know about blackjack and how it can pay if you follow the basic strategy rules and you are not betting against fixed odds betting machines rather than a live dealer, then, perhaps you have a chance against the house. Otherwise, for the most part, you are a mug in a casino and the only realistic chance of beating the odds is in sports betting where you are pitting your experience against the bookmakers.

I know from personal experience, because my uncle was a bookie and trained and ran greyhounds. If you’re going to gamble then sports’ betting is the only edge in town, but, remember, "Don’t risk your shirt on a bet, unless you need a new one."
Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

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