Thursday, 29 October 2015

Your Data: Is It Secure?

Recent news stories have revealed how insecure your personal data is and handled by some companies.  Security is not brain surgery; you just need to think logically. For instance: A database should be encrypted it’s as simple as that. Any application interfacing with the database would need the encrypted key to interface with the database. So, in most cases the data is secure from outside or inside illegal data access.
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I know from personal experience the moment you encrypt your database and sometime later forget the password (which is normally encrypted as well) you are usually stuffed. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than deciphering the key (your password is normally used as an encrypted key to access the database) to your database.

The recent case of TalkTalk highlights the need for many companies to encrypt their databases to prevent costly legal implications from customers and organisations. Just because you didn’t do it, doesn’t mean you are not liable.

There is no practical or economic reason why any databases that should be protected are not. Databases that use encrypted keys for access are more efficient and the latency on access is on par with an unprotected database.

Remember, what Sun Tzu said, “Do not court disaster.” 

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