Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Alien Agenda

Do you believe in ghosts? Your answer will probably be no; because you haven’t experienced such phenomena. Now, those that do believe in ghosts have most likely experienced such phenomena as ghosts and spirits because they have lived in the right places. 
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Now, those people who don’t believe in ghosts will most likely not agree with my thoughts about the alien agenda. My theory if you can call it a theory is that the UFOs controlled by aliens that millions of people have reported seeing throughout the world have a master plan. You cannot discount the millions of people that have seen UFOs and not theorise about why the aliens are here.

Let’s face the facts throughout man’s history we as a species have invaded foreign lands by force, so, you would reasonably conclude that any aliens would have the same agenda, but, perhaps approach the issue completely differently. One analogy that comes to mind is the Polyergus lucidus ants that take over a rival ant’s colony by installing its own imitation queen ant that produces the same pheromone scent to trick the ant colony to work for its own ends.  These ants then become slaves to the slave–making Polyergus lucidus ants without a battle taking place.

It has been reported throughout the world that crashed UFOs and their technology has been reversed engineered and much of man’s recent technological advancements are linked to these incidents. Now, perhaps some of these crashed UFO’s incidents were not accidents but designed to allow us as a species to become reliant on advance technology. 

We have become reliant and addicted to the electron (electricity), and it powers our modern day world. In 2003 in North America and parts of Canada a power outage resulted in a blackout affecting 55 million people, which was apparently caused  by a software bug. If a foreign force (aliens, extraterrestrial) wanted to conquer our world they would attack our Achilles’ heel, which is our reliance on electrons and without electricity we would cease to function. 

Now, the next question to ask is; what is the alien end game? If we are slaves to their plan for what outcome, well, it could be a breeding program? I don’t know what the end game is. Perhaps, you know what their end game is and can tell the world.

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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