Monday, 16 November 2015

Time Travel is it Possible?

It's possible that time travel has existed since time began? Let me explain: Since the dawn of man as an intelligent species man has wondered and pondered on its relationship with time. This is evident from ancient stone henges and circles accurately aligned to record the passing of time from one equinox to another. The greatest philosophers in history have debated man’s existence and its relationship with time. Our time began when the ‘Big Bang’ occurred.  The universe could be viewed as a bubble that is expanding. We view time as a linear relationship because that’s how we perceive time as moving forward and backward in a straight line. But, in nature there are no straight lines even space is curved. So, this could suggest that perhaps time travel is possible. 
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Imagine, ripples in the vacuum of space just like the motion of the sea. Einstein’s concept of ‘space time’ where the mass of an object and its gravity would bend space and light is known. Then there’s ‘Dark Matter’ all over the universe invisible to the naked eye but it’s there. Perhaps, the shape of the universe should be viewed as a sponge and time can be squeezed just like space and light allowing for time travel. It’s only an idea, but when you think about how we travel around a circle the shortest distance between opposite points will always be the diameter which can be squeezed to almost zero between any two points. The almost bit and not quite zero is the ‘Rosen Bridge’ theorized by Einstein and others as a 'wormhole' between space time.  Where are these ‘wormholes’ is a mystery, but they could be everywhere, right under our noses? Just because you cannot see something does not mean it doesn’t exist. Forget about the concept of ‘Zero’ or 'Nothing' as this was man’s invention to aid the counting and recording of numbers. Just remember, that ‘Nothing’ does not exist. “Beam me up Scotty….”

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As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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