Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Whatever You Are Selling

Whatever you are selling you need to put nearly all your energies into understanding who are your customers? Where do they normally buy what you are selling? What sector of the market you hope to sell to? And don’t forget to understand the demographics of the market you propose to target. You will need to have either a well thought out marketing plan or a very real idea in your head to follow. Me, I just use my head, because I haven’t got the time to write it down.

You can sell anything if you have learnt the rules and follow them to the letter. Otherwise, you will have fewer sales over time. It's simple logic. With the right attitude you will do more sales.

Besides, I am lazy too, sometimes, my education in marketing started at university where as it happens, I did a module on marketing for engineers. But most of my knowledge comes from the real deal. I started as a boy working weekends and after school working on a street market stall for a busy electrical retailer. You name it he had it on his stall. From batteries to screwdrivers, light bulbs and every other hardware item you could think you'll need, well he had it. I don’t profess to know all the answers or indeed the questions, my experience is from the school of hard knocks, and I can tell you selling is like any other business, it takes hard work, commitment, enthusiasm and the knowledge and skills of selling, and always with the right attitude.

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Ask any successful person, from a rock star to celebrity chef, they will all say the same, it's been a long time coming or should I pinch myself because maybe I am dreaming. Being a realist, not every woman is going to find me attractive and I will not find every woman attractive either, it’s just simple logic. Neither would I like the life of King Solomon with around 700 wives and countless others. How did he know, which one to choose, I have enough on my plate pleasing one, let alone 700. I don’t know about you but I am quite easy to please, three or four options would be enough for me, and I expect you also. You see we think the same deep down. Well most of us. Not only would I be a raving Looney, put an extremely horny one.

Besides, I’m slowing down these days. I’m not a spring chicken anymore, more like an old rooster.

There’s a very good book where you learn a very important moral. The book is called “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Sometimes the truth needs to be hidden for you to really appreciate it and remember it. Because it’s surprising how often this moral repeats itself in most of our lives. I will give you a clue, but I think it’s up to you to find out and enjoy the experience. No fun otherwise. Believe me you will appreciate the lecture, and I don’t like to lecture I am more of a comedian then a professor. I am the scientist, in the “back to the future” constantly experimenting and thinking about problems. Like why the mathematical constants show an engineer at work, somewhere possibly?

My experience was gained over many years selling a whole range of products for both national and local companies, as well as for myself as a business owner.

No person is chained to one career or job. Life has a way of shutting one door but opening up many more. It takes a different way of looking at things, so that you don’t miss these opportunities, because believe me. My grandfather would test me after reading books to see what I had learnt. Read the story of the richest man in Babylon on my other blog. I wrote a book review of this book. Even if I told you the answers, it would still be easy to overlook the important moral in this story. Unfortunate as it is, sometimes it’s only our mistakes that show us the way forward, but it’s still only you, who can steer your ship.

Whatever you do always remember do the right thing with the right attitude, because if you do that you will never fail.

I suffer from bipolar and the last thing I want sometimes is that feeling of rejection. But, the more you ignore it and get used to it, the less it will affect you. Well that’s one of mine strategies for dealing with bipolar. My next book is about my struggle with bipolar and what I did to cope. I have written it as a mix of comedy and truth, hoping that the reader will see the funny side sometimes. I show the reader how I learnt to cope. It wasn't easy. But, what is, if you really think about it. I remember thinking right at the beginning of my years at university; would I be able to cope? But that’s our negative half which some of us are more aware of it then some. Sometimes you have to live with what comes ashore. If you don’t, it will end up destroying you. We don’t want that to happen. Oh, no, not on your Nelly. Hold on, I am rambling here. See how easy it is go off the beaten track.

This process is the same if you are a lone salesman or part of a larger organisation. Believe me in a previous life I have had some good and some bad induction sales training regimes.

You can sell anything if you have learnt the rules and follow them to the letter. Otherwise, you will have fewer sales over time.

The right attitude always guides our path; we just need action, because without that your dreams are just those dreams. That’s where you have an advantage over me, because at some point my black cloud will arrive again, and I will seek the comfort of myself and end up doing nothing for months. And I am not joking about that. Someone asked a question the other day, on a bipolar support forum, which asked, if there was a pill available that you could take, that would cure bipolar in an instant would you take it? I just said, “Yes.” I would be a fool not too. It’s simple logic.

When I was boy I was always taking on challenges like taking engines out of cars and fixing gearboxes, but then I had the time and patience to learn. If I couldn’t find the information in a car manual then I would walk to the nearest garage, and ask them what they thought.

In other words what works for you is good. But if nothing appears to be working, then you need to sit back, and spend some time, and I mean hours, and analyse your performance. And always try to look forward and not inward.

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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