Thursday, 24 October 2013

Lottery Numbers and Dreams

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Those of us who believe there is more to life than we fully understand will appreciate this article. Last Monday I conducted an experiment in mental telepathy. I am the type of person that is always thinking about esoteric phenomena and asking questions in my mind about all kinds of things. As a science graduate I find numbers interesting especially when they turn up in dreams. How and why a particular number or set of numbers should appear in a dream intrigues me. 

I dated a girl some years ago that financed and built a house from the proceeds of backing the numbers she had dreamed in the lottery. It is often said that a spiritual being is trying to communicate with us when these types of dreams occur. The truth is we do not know, yet the power of belief is a special one.

'To ourselves all the lies we told.
All the dreams we sold.
Once we were young, now it’s real fun.
The story foretold we were not cold.
The past is gone, the future long.
Remember this!'
Anthony Fox © 1999

Anyhow, in my experiment I went to bed on Monday night thinking if I dream then what numbers may perhaps appear. In the morning sure enough one number was clear in the dream, and that was 33.  I had not gone to bed thinking about any particular number or numbers. In fact the dream I had was not related to the lottery in any way, yet 33 had been clear as daylight in the morning when I awoke. And sure enough 33 was one of the five numbers drawn for Tuesday on the EuroMillions this week. 

I often play the lottery especially at the bookmakers because you can play a single number for odds of an eight to one return and two numbers for one hundred to one return and so on. Words of caution do not go putting your month’s rent or mortgage on a hunch unless you can afford it. That said who knows what dreams may come.

There’s a Jewish proverb that says, “You don't need intelligence to have luck, but you do need luck to have intelligence.”


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