Thursday, 27 August 2015

You Don’t Realise It, But You're a Dummy, Read Why?

Yes, a crash test dummy. What good would it be if you knew you were the dummy, that’s the point of an experiment?  And, you have been an experiment since you were born along with the rest of humanity.  

How have I come to this conclusion, well, it’s quite simple using logical forward thinking? Let’s consider déjà vu. Now, we have all had these feelings some more than most. Déjà vu the phenomenon that is not fully understood by science, but this is no surprise as there are many esoteric intangibles that science cannot explain. I believe that fate and Déjà vu perhaps are closely related inasmuch as they both relate to events, one to a future event(s) and the other to an event(s) in the past and yet you experience that event in the present or at least that is how it feels.

I believe that we have choices, but I am not so sure if we can determine our own destiny. Remember the chaos theory of the universe that has been proved to show deterministic patterns even though they are hard to see at first, but they are there. Perhaps, this is what we encounter as fate? I will let you decide. Now, think about what I have just said (deterministic)? This shows that something or someone is controlling events in the cosmos totally opposite to what your brain would like to believe. 

Now, consider the strange theory of light and matter at the quantum level. It has been proven that an electron can be observed and measured at being at two different places at the same time completely alien to the general laws of physics.  When it comes to our brains they say we currently understand about 10% of its function. We don’t even understand our subconscious mind, yet we also have intuition that sets us apart from computers this also is not understood. 

Perhaps, the Maya were right when 2012 signalled the dawn of a new era. Because if you look around the world right now you will see turmoil occurring in most countries from war, political and financial upheaval to corruption. It would seem that people have lost control and only mayhem prevails and you have to wonder is it in the air or the water we drink or someone or something that is orchestrating events, and you are the experiment? 

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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