Monday, 7 September 2015

The Power of the Mind: The Placebo Effect

Did you know that recent medical studies have shown that taking placebos can have the same outcomes for many minor ailments for many patients? This is because the patient believes the medicine being given is real and somehow then the body produces its own chemical response and it works.  Now, I’m not suggesting all medicines should be replaced with placebos, just stating the facts, that our brains can easily be deceived, either by accident or design. You then have to ask the question: Are we being controlled (thought control)?  It perhaps sounds like science fiction, but it may be already happening, and you’re the experiment.

Before you jump on your soapbox and say this guy is crazy, stop and think, look around you, around the world right now you will see turmoil occurring in most countries from war, political and financial upheaval to corruption. It would seem that people have lost control and only mayhem prevails and you have to wonder is it in the air or the water we drink or someone or something that is orchestrating events, and you’re the experiment?

Just think, if you wanted to take over a country you could easily use thought control. If the aliens are using some sort of thought control to play their tune, then you could say we are ‘phucked’ up the proverbial? Their technology would be miles ahead of ours, especially as they got to our planet before we got to theirs.

Star wars could be our only ending before another great flood wipes out mankind except for another Noah and his family with a menagerie of animals.

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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