Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Enigma of Gravity

If you can solve the enigma of gravity, then, I believe you can then travel to the stars? It is an enigma because gravity is strong and weak at the same time; the Moon moves oceans (tides) and yet it is moving away from the Earth. Looking deeper into gravity is the black hole at the centre of our ‘Milky Way’ galaxy that exerts again a gravitational pull; otherwise, everything (stars and planets) inside the galaxy would fly off in different directions and we would have chaos without order. 

Recently, scientists have proved the existence of gravity waves first postulated by Albert Einstein in his theory of general relativity and the existence of space time. It is my belief that solving the enigma of gravity is the ‘silver bullet’ for space travel in a human life span, otherwise, it will only be possible to send artificially intelligent (A.I) robots into space without the limitations of humanity, but then you come up against time, because it may be hundreds or thousands of years before those A.I. robots reach another star system with our current propulsion systems.
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Man’s greatest failing is its predisposition to make assumptions which often costs lives and money. The SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project is making a big assumption (that other intelligences (Aliens) are using radio waves as a means of communications because after 50 years they haven’t heard anything) and spending copious amounts of money which perhaps could have been spent on solving the enigma of gravity, because if you can solve this enigma the cost benefits would add up to billions and trillions of dollars in reduced costs for the deployment of satellites and other space missions to planetary bodies in our solar system and beyond.

In my opinion, zero gravity does not exist because if it did then we would have chaos in the universe and clearly, that does not exist or our idea about reality is purely an illusion, unless, what we call 'dark matter' is holding everything together much like a sponge where we are in one of the bubbles inside that sponge of 'dark matter' somewhere. Consider this: You see I think there is no such thing as infinity. It’s a fake a "fugazi." Because for infinity to exist there has to be a beginning and if you have a beginning then you have an end. So, infinity is just another mathematical concept invented to describe extremely large numbers. Take our universe a vacuum of space so large in size it’s indescribably, but for a vacuum to exist there has to be a container. The laws of physics that is universal in nature cannot create a vacuum (a beginning and an end) without a container. So whose fishbowl are we in, yours or mine? You see we think on our scale; a scale we have been accustomed to since the dawn of man, yet, until recently that was limited to what we could see in the sky at night. 

There was a time when we thought our ‘Milky Way’ was it and there was nothing more and there was a time when the ‘chaos’ theory was used to describe the universe, but it has been proved that there are elements of the universe that are deterministic which could prove the existence of God, because someone or something would have to initiate a deterministic universe, otherwise, the laws of nature and physics would not be universal. Just remember this; that the Earth is tilted at an angle of approximately 23 degrees and do your eyes deceive you or readjust? Solving the enigma of gravity could be the ‘blind spot’ we are missing in understanding the ‘big bang’ theory and the birth of space time.

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