Friday, 27 September 2013

Le Temps de L'Amour I Hope We Can Find The Time For Love? The Truth Never Lies.

I hope we can find the time and here is a true story which happened to me some years ago. One Sunday, a friend had invited me to her local church to hear the service. A large gathering sang jubilant songs. It was packed, more like a rock concert than any church I’d been to before. I didn't mind the atmosphere, it was electric with joy. Suddenly the crowd were silent as the preacher rose to the pulpit to begin his sermon of the gospel; you could hear a pin drop, just the occasional chorus of agreement from the crowd as the preacher spoke. While listening to the preacher reading from the Bible and talking about Jesus, it came to me, almost like a divine message.

Yet in the quietness of the church, the message I received told me to say just three simple words, ‘truth never lies.’ Everyone looked around at me, even the preacher, his eyes leaving the Bible – nothing was said, but I believe everyone would agree that it was a bolt out of the blue, like it was meant to be.

The message that the truth never lies has stayed with me in my consciousness ever since that day. There was no hesitation in my prose, nor any time for reflection. I had no control. It was a message to everyone and it sure was a message that I had never had before or since.

Looking around as I spoke the words, I could see the preacher’s reddened face and clearly see an expression of agreement. I didn't feel embarrassed, I felt good inside, as the words had come from God.

King Solomon said, Gold, silver, and rubies are nice, but we treasure far above those knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.”

Love, Hope, and Charity

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