Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Dimmer Guide to Making Money

The Bookshop Guru

The dimmer guide to making money is a light-hearted guide to making money, using stories and comedy, which I wrote about on this blog a year ago or so. I have listed the pages below for your convenience. When it comes to making money the product you are selling often takes second place to how you sell yourself.

Anyhow, it makes sense to learn the rules just like learning to drive a car,  otherwise, you may end up in the ditch. I gained my experience selling many different products and I hope you will find the guide useful.

The Seventh Rule of Selling

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

In my latest book “It’s Never Too Late” read how dreams do come true, but be careful what you wish for. Understand the secret of greed and you will attain one of the secrets of prosperity. The book will also take you on a journey and explores love, money, luck, and much more.

Hey, Chuck. Did you bring any spending money? Viva la vida loca.

Conducting Survey into Precognitive Choices

Which would you prefer half-price digital or paperback?

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