Tuesday, 17 September 2013

UFO the Gateway to the Gods

In May 2005, I reported on UFO's in the sky off the coast of North Devon. The pictures were amazing and the TV news coverage showed several interviews with eyewitness accounts of seeing UFOs all along the coast from Westward Ho and into Cornwall, England.

The pictures are still available to view with the original story I wrote. http://www.ufocasebook.com/northdevon.html Whatever you believe, it begs the question why the government was very quiet about the reported UFOs? You have to ask yourself if the government (MOD) cannot explain what occurred, or maybe some kind of secret activity or just another unexplained UFO.
Has anyone seen a UFO lately?

"UFO" Original Art by Anthony Fox

Just a thought, but “parallelism” could be the reason so many UFO experiences are never fully explained. I like the Maths, consider if only 1% of all UFOs reported cannot be totally explained. Then what if parallelism is a possibility, which is what Einstein pondered as a reality, this could be what people sometimes see and report as UFOs. Not seeing a different dimension and seeing a new dimension are occurring all the time. I know some of you out there are non-believers at this point to my argument, but wait I can prove it. For example, every day with live with millions of dust mites so small we cannot see them, but under magnification there is a whole different world “a parallel world” of microscopic bugs. Just because we cannot see other worlds does not mean parallel worlds could not exist in a different dimension outside of our capacity to imagine.

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