Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Secret of Intuition

I believe we have more than five senses and the sixth sense is intuition. Our intuition is very powerful, yet, most of the time we choose to ignore it for some reason. Let’s face it, we all have it and it plays with our reasoning refusing to let go, yet logic or what we perceive to be logical often takes centre stage discarding our intuition to the back of the queue. I often think there is a battle between a logical step for our brains and what our intuition is telling us to do. You have to question why is that battle taking place? Have we over time and evolution forgotten how to use our intuition and replaced it with so called logic?

Rene Descartes said, “cogito ergo sum,” translated into English: “I think, therefore I am,” which means if I doubted my existence than either someone else is doing the doubting or I exist. Descartes believed that sensory perceptions were spontaneous; and of free will, and so came to him from a world outside his mind, and that God would not deceive him. 

Whether you believe in God or not, you have to ask yourself where intuitions come from, I know I have the inclination to believe there is more we don’t know than the knowledge we do have? Immanuel Kant, the philosopher likened intuition to perception where memory can call upon internal intuitions as time, whereas external intuitions are conceptualised as space, our minds are then free to accept or reject either rationale. We use our senses all the time to receive information about our surroundings; our sight receives images to the brain, our sense of smell, our hearing, our taste buds, and our touch, all these add messages to the mind's reality without intuition acting like an inspirational radio wave.

Intuition is often associated with a spiritual awareness, as if a flash of genius comes from nowhere. The Zen belief is such that in meditation we leave material reality and our spiritual intuition guides our path to a deeper enlightenment, thereby, acquiring a perception that is not based on materialism but our knowledge is more transcendental.

Why is it important, well you could win the lottery? Fancy predicting the winning numbers? This would be one use and there are many more which often save us from disaster.

To summarise we can say that intuition gives us that perception that I believe computers will never have, it seems to me as a gift that we must learn to master to help us on the journey through life. Intuition either exists or it doesn’t there is no halfway house as is the law of the excluded middle.

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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