Sunday, 1 June 2014

FREE BOOK~ Not On Your Nelly!

When you buy my book you will appreciate it more than if it was for free. The rule applies to most things. Sit back and ask yourself this question; do I sell my labour for free? If no then you will understand one on life’s principles. Just like a clock ticking on the swing of a pendulum this is how the world ticks along.

When someone gives you something for free you do not appreciate it. We all do it. Besides the cost is immaterial because your success is based on how you apply what you learn from the book in your life. The knowledge is there to guide you not to hold your hand.

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

In my latest book “It’s Never Too Late” read how dreams do come true, but be careful what you wish for. Understand the secret of greed and you will attain one of the secrets of prosperity. The book will also take you on a journey and explores love, money, luck, and much more.


Hey, Chuck. Did you bring any spending money? Viva la vida loca.

Conducting Survey into Precognitive Choices

Which would you prefer half-price digital or paperback?

 Read my latest book "It's Never Too Late" by Anthony Fox,  published by Chipmunka Publishing