Saturday, 20 September 2014

Ebola In New York

The day has arrived already many are dying, and yet the US government spends more money in a single day bombing ISIS (Islamic State), then they do saving the lives of hundreds of Africans. The day Ebola arrives in New York will not be a surprise, it is probably already on its way. Imagine an African terrorist on a suicide mission to spread the virus in a densely populated area like New York spreading their bodily fluids (sweat) on everything they touch. You could easily spread the virus on the subway system on everything they touched and those unfortunate infected people would then continue to spread the virus on everything they touched. This scenario may sound like a disaster movie, but the prospect is real. It will not be long before biological terrorism becomes a reality because it evades borders and if these terrorists are willing to blow themselves up, then, it does not take much of a leap of inspiration to become a human biological time bomb.  I hope the rich nations of the world start to think and help stop the spread of Ebola before it becomes a pandemic.

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