Saturday, 20 September 2014

Does Microsoft Employ Dummies? Ask Billy the Clown and Bill Gates About the WORD

I know one thing for sure Word cannot spell God (The Long Version). If you have to correctly guess the spelling of a WORD to one letter of the correct spelling, then what is the point of a spell checker? All I can say is ask Bill Gates and Billy the Clown perhaps they know the answer? Like they say never judge a book by its cover unless you have read the book or you just want to PHUCK the cover instead. One other thing you perhaps have not noticed due to your limited experience; is how the current WORD does not pick up obvious grammar mistakes. How I found out this pearl of WORD wisdom is I use WORD to write an article and then copy this into Google blogger. 

Now, I cannot trust WORD and I have to ask why a free Google blogger application is obviously far more advanced than the WORD? If you see Bill Gates and Billy the Clown and the other dummies could you please ask them what the PHUCK is going on?

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

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