Monday, 6 October 2014

How I lost a Fortune Being a Compulsive Gambler

How I lost a fortune being a compulsive gambler, and other things. Oh, did I not mention also being bipolar. Now, how I lost a fortune over the years of being a compulsive gambler. Well to start with it’s not easy to admit to being a compulsive gambler until you have hit rock bottom, and that literally means you are totally broke. And, in my case in debt as well because, I have also gone max out my credit cards as well as my bank account. Now, I lost most of my money playing online casino roulette the same game they have in Fixed Odds Betting machines in betting shops, and I would assume the same or similar software running the games, because you never win. I have finished playing with these games because I generally believe they are fixed, so that in the end the casino always wins if you play them long enough.

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Currently, I am seeing a professional psychologist who deals with problem gamblers like me. It’s only the fourth week and so far I am not cured. In fact, in the last few weeks that I had help my gambling problem just deteriorated and I am in the proverbial mess. It takes that rock bottom, totally broke, and in a financial mess moment when you have had to admit to your landlord, and your family that you are a compulsive gambler and have been for many years. It not easy to admit to your family, to your daughter and son that you have a problem and that you have lost a fortune over the years to gambling.  And, in my case that is exactly what I have had to do, admit I have a problem with gambling. Luckily, and I use that word with caution, I have hit rock bottom because the only rehab that works for me is going broke. 

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