Monday, 6 August 2012

Have a Little Faith in Me - Change the World! The Youth Of Today!

They Have Rules and We Have Laws

Why does a white collar crime committed by banker{s} and the establishment not warrant an arrest, yet if a boy steals an apple it's still a crime, who changed the laws which since the Magna Carta are enshrined in democracy as one law for all, and that includes everyone, not just the working class?

It's plain and simple - they have rules and we have laws! We have to arrest these pimps and tarts who have more white powder stuck up their snouts than on a poor man's shoes if he has any. White collar crime is seen in this country as OK because these bastards get away with it, yet they have singly destroyed our democracy with their spread of corruption that has reached itself into the mouths of the very people who say they represent us, but they don't they only want to screw us and bleed more for themselves and this includes our elected criminals in government and the other members of parliament  This wouldn't happen in other countries where there is no class divide which is oblivious to some, but Sun Tzu said the easiest way to conquer a country is to divide it first.

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Who do you think wants to conquer our country? You work IT out.

The Cocaine Muffins and the White Powdered and Collar Criminals.  

My other mission should you choose to accept is simple - Why?

A Million Voices and IN the End IT Doesn't Matter? 

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P.S. 18 Million reasons and only one word answer to your question. RACIST

My Amy MacDonald

This wouldn't happen in America, Saudi Arabia, or other rich countries like China or Japan or any other place in this "phucked" up world of RACISTS> because they must be, YOU WORK IT OUT? Goodbye......

McFLY n Taio Cruz 

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