Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Truth Never Lies - Tony Blue Has Had More Pussy Than Rooney n That's Official!

The story continues from last time. The time before Man, a long time before Man and even before the first single cell. You could call IT creation or evolution? Which do you prefer? Come on, come on, which is IT?

You have beloved only falsehoods because we are all guilty of sin, because sin came before birth, so say the first book. We know the origins of our species starts in Africa and the circle shall be complete.

Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love

It's me again!

Just Listen - Just Listen


The tree of life is a circle so said the prophets of Isaiah and all those who followed the way of Tao because all life has an end called the circle of life. From whence you came so shall thee return said God. So break or crack the code that has been hidden in the true Bible "the first book" or what us programmers call “the code or the book" and regarded as the supreme code book ever written. This is true because I have already revealed one secret to you, it's now your turn. Every word and every sentence has more than one meaning the true meaning has been hidden from you until now. 

What's your flavour - 50 shades of colour?

The Boy Who Murdered Love - Diana Vickers.... ..JUST LISTEN.....

I Just Love Comedy.... .

There’s an old saying, which programmers like me, like to use about cryptography, you can crack the code, but, can you understand the message. You may think you do, that’s almost guaranteed. The question is, are you certain?

Which is it, come on, come on?

I Prefer I Bit of Italian -What About You?

...... .I'm Telling the world with lyrics..... .

You Can't Start a Fire.... Without a Spark.... This Gun for Hire....

Amy MacDonald - Dancing In The Dark

 I Prefer I Bit of Italian  - What About You? 

Diana Vickers -The Boy Who Murdered Love   .....Just listen click here....

God said, Man came first because without the seed a woman or any other species dependent on male fertilisation of eggs could sit there for infinity and still be waiting for a miracle because that is just about the only way the eggs are going to get fertilised. You Work IT Out?

There's is something more....? Just Listen.....

Just Listen and Learn....

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Hey, Chuck. Did you bring any spending money? Viva la vida loca.

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