Tuesday, 14 August 2012

They Call This Customer Service _ The Vodafone That can't Spell and Only Work Half a Day!

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They Call This Customer Service _ The Vodafone That Cannot Spell and Only Work Half a Day.

Those lucky guys and gals they only work half a day while the rest of Britain work all the hours God sends in time the full Monty. The Vodafone pretend to provide the full Monty they are what we hacks regard as assholes without speed, because the only thing they seem good at and I don't know why we as taxpayers bother because the regulator isn't it would seem how easy for them to overcharge and occasional steal.

We as customers want to know why we pay for such a poor service from our beloved mobile operators they all seem to be is ripping us off, that's right?

You and the taxpayer who fund the government and regulator that don't seem to understand the importance of regulating, then what is the point of regulators is if they don't regulate.  IT seems very easy for anyone in this "phucked up" business model to steal money from you. Let’s face it they charge us for 3g yet it is often not available that's not a service, that's a poor service and as a customer and a business customer their customer service stinks. 

It’s been weeks now I have been waiting for arbitration concerning problems I have had with my phone operator and too numerous to list here,, but no one has phoned or indeed written to me, and they know who I am they record everything don't they? I know I do - make notes and write down details of conversations with the so=called trained customer service Wally's because some of them are clearly named that way because of the lack of education and can only be the progress of our school system. 

We breed a Wally so they grow up to be Wally’s. Sorry , but that's unfortunately what you are and will stay that way until you start listening and reading a lot more and not just comics, although, you may be forced at some point by your colleagues to give up the pretence, and to admit you were wrong. 

The Vodafone service stinks of inadequate training because if the employees that don't understand the use of phonetics what is the point of asking them how to spell their name or the name of their company, they didn't know? It's simple logic Sid.

Requesting Pack Code - Vodafone service is not available only to MUGS.

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