Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Truth Never Lies - Only People.... .They Must Be Racist, IT is the Only Answer..... .

The Truth Never Lies - Only People Do

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Linkin Park - In The End (Video)

In the end .....does IT matter/// /?

The One

!* 18 million and more ide or die without knowing their colour or skin, every year in Africa. Would you let your child starve? Every child is born without tone just skin. 

Help us stamp out this madness now; at least I saved a child's life today. What did you do? 

 I donate to save the children's charity



P.S. 18 Million reasons and only one word answer to your question.

I was once told a secret by a very old and wise Buddha, I was told to look beyond what you see in front of you, when you can do that, you will see, because you will have found your paradise. The keys are in your pocket. You just need to turn the key to unlock the door and go through that door. What are you waiting for? Some people refer to this as lateral thinking, but I class it as critical thinking. 

Whatever you decide to call it, it is just a few words. What is important to understand is you will not find the keys without being a master caster in the art of critical thinking. This is because the truth has always been hidden, because, it would not be half as much fun, if we just told you. Besides, every skinny dog needs a dinner.

You need to see the wood for the trees. That may sound simple to you, and it is simple. It is simple logic. Critical thinking can apply to many different avenues of our daily life. It is not about the play of words or trick questions, the essence is the secret code that was spoken many thousands of years before it was written down. All the prophets spoke this same language in their own tongue and others too. If you search out the teachings of the prophets, and read, and study them, you will start to see. You will start to see the light and how critical thinking is needed to see the deeper meaning scattered across just a few words. Any good code breaker knows it is not just the words you need to decipher, but what the hidden meaning refers to. 

The truth has always been hidden, but it has always been there since the beginning. You just have to find it, like a jigsaw puzzle without some pieces, because like always, you tend to lose a few pieces along the way. Just like the chicken and the egg - which came first?

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