Monday, 21 July 2014

Close Encounters: The Ghostly Kind

They say animals can sense and see more than we can. There was definitely something strange going on in our home back then. Our cat never liked to stay in the house alone. Our home back in the summer of 1964 was the top floor of a two family house in Clifton, New Jersey, USA. I believe the house was over one hundred years old of wood construction that had a basement we shared with the family downstairs.

Our bedroom, that is my brother Ben and I shared the attic via the staircase leading off the bathroom, it was the only way up to the attic, and you had to go through the bathroom to get there and vice versa. Ben and I were very young, Ben was nearly two years younger than me and I was about seven years old at the time, so our mum often made us share a bath together.

One day, while having a bath together we heard the sound of footsteps, as if someone was coming down the wooden staircase from the attic. At first, we were not scared, because we thought perhaps it was our father or mother coming down the stairs from the attic. I guess I was more aware of what was happening than my brother was as he was younger than me. The sound of someone or something coming up or down the staircase from the attic was a common occurrence throughout the following five years we lived there. Both mum and dad would often hear the same sound when they were in the bathroom. And Ben and I often heard the same sound of footsteps as we lay in bed in the attic.
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After a while we became used to the weird sound of footsteps on the wooden staircase, although as children it would scare us sometimes especially at night, then we had to sleep with the light on.

Now, our muggy cat called Suki never liked the house. Suki would often dive under the sofa and hiss and scowl at something that we could not see, but the cat could. Suki’s behaviour at these times was unusual because normally she was the type of cat that liked to be handled and stroked.

My dad found out several years later there had been a horrific murder at the house; apparently a man had repeatedly stabbed his wife to death. We were the last occupants of the house, as the house and a few more along the street were sold to the local Bell Company to make way for a car park. But, I shall never forget 42 Barkley Avenue. Boo!

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