Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tell Your Brother, Sister, and Your Friends Why They Should Read This Story?

Title: (There Was No Monkey Bite) When Two Tribes Go to War

I remember reading the other day, ‘When the Wind Blows’ by Raymond Briggs, and thinking could this happen. My mind drifted back to the early 1980’s, and thinking about, what is must have been like for my parents, who had recently got married. They were teenagers, both Isobel my mum who preferred to be called Issy and Joe my dad who had courted my mum since the day they first met at college were happy with each other, but not with the world. They would become aware of the perils of living in fear early in their marriage. There was an intense awareness of the Cold War between East and West. The Cold War was at its most intense, and, they felt England was ready to divide and fragment under a new social upheaval. Lurking behind the excitement of a new decade for them was the threat of nuclear annihilation that for their generation was as real as it gets.

Every move of the Kremlin was watched by the media at the time, they waited for some crisis in Central America or the Middle East to ignite World War Three. Ronald Reagan was the newly elected president of the USA, and willing to spend huge sums on the military with his daily rhetoric about Russia as the evil empire. There was much protest at home in England at the time, with Cruise missiles being stationed to Greenham Common and Molesworth. Watching Reagan and Thatcher on the news and being genuinely scared, as were all their friends, that there would be a sudden newsflash and they would be told that a four-minute (or was it three-minute?) warning was about to start. In the end, the communist bloc hastened its own demise, by trying to outspend and outperform America using its own doctrine of ‘outspending, outperforming’ its rival. As an adult now, you can appreciate this folly. But, anyone at the time, watching thousands of Soviet soldiers ‘goose stepping’ through Red Square in front of the Russian leader Brezhnev, would wonder what may happen.
This is that story, a few days that changed the world. I was not born yet, but soon would be, but as a schoolgirl in the mid-80s, the overwhelming threat - in my parent's mind - was of a nuclear war, it overwhelmed them. Everyone wanted peace; back then you could buy books on building fall-out shelters not that I would build one, the film ‘The Day After’ was on TV, CND badges and the peace symbol were seen pretty much everywhere you went, the women's camp at Greenham Common was almost a daily news feature as was the missile convoys travelling the country’s roads by night to avoid the protesters. So who knows who would be alive to tell the tale today, otherwise? The unexpected and unrelated events that unfolded would have a profound influence for mankind.

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