Monday, 28 May 2012

The Fifth Rule of Selling

The Bookshop Guru

Don’t Forget To Close

That’s right. Don’t forget to close, and shut the ‘phunk’ up! Don’t even breathe a word. For once in your life pretend you are lost for words. You lose.
Ahhrr, ahhrr,
No, you lost.

Pretend you are listening to the most beautiful music – the music of love – forget about words, just enjoy the music.
Ahhrr, Ahhrr,

No, no, there you go again. You've lost.

Do you get the picture, just silence, but you have the music in your head and you can sit there for hours if you had to. Me personally, in a previous life, it never happened. The customer always spoke first. Sure, I didn't convert every one, who does, I'm not a saint.

When you can sell, you can sell anything. In fact, it’s easy with the right attitude. I could go up to the most beautiful girl in the world and say hello. Communication doesn't take much. Saying hello is fundamental to communication, and so is smiling. I don't mean a false cheesy greasy burger smile; smile like you mean it. And I will take bets on that with anyone.

Would I be embarrassed, sometimes, but that wouldn't stop me saying hello. What happened after that, well, only the stars could tell. Someone asked me the other day, what my future plans were. I said, “I don't know what the future holds. Do you?”

But I would like to earn some money because being, a teller of tales, it’s like hell without the comforts..

You normally make money when you're dead. Well, at least someone benefits. I hate to go to waste being the old bat that I am. But, all this recycling and going green has made me concerned we could end up as fertiliser for a bunch of tomatoes sprinkled liberally with cow manure just to top it off.

There’s an old saying “sometimes, it’s wiser just to listen”

Hey, don’t bin this, recycle it. Don’t forget to close and shut up. Ahhrr, Ahhrr, No, no, there you go again.

P.S. I have to get back to work, well, somebody has to work.

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Hey, Chuck. Did you bring any spending money? Viva la vida loca.

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