Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's Never Too Late

I was 42 years old when I made the first steps towards obtaining my degrees and just five years later I had graduated. I was a late starter, you could say; I didn’t have the opportunity to go to university when I was younger, so being a mature student meant I had the experience and insight to help others. I have compiled this book of my experience and skills I gained through my years at university so that you can reach your goals too.


Read my book "How to Pass a Degree with Confidence" and believe in yourself and do not be afraid of failure.

The book “How to Pass a Degree with Confidence” also includes the following:
A study guide including:  How to write your project or dissertation, exam preparation, how to research, time management, how to reference correctly, critical thinking, how to study, how to revise, a girl game knocking at my window, how to build confidence, the need to set goals, a student perspective, how to cope with stress, how to cope with meagre funds, score more goals than Casanova, top tips for university, and much more.

Readers' comments
"very well written and organized tutorials…its indeed a great help for beginners like me to keep up the interest and at the same time learn this important subject."

"Brilliant. One of the very best I have read. Well written, with style and intelligence. I have spent hours looking for erotica like this... ."

An interesting, innovative, and motivating self-help book on how to pass a university degree with confidence by providing not only the do’s and don’ts, but also an insightful and fascinating personal experience. It was written using the author’s experience gained as a student representative as well as the achievement of gaining an MSc and a BSc Honours degrees. Comprehensive and detailed information is provided, to help those individuals contemplating an under graduate or a post graduate degree visualise and achieve their goals. 

Each chapter recalls a personal experience that helps to reinforce the academic topic. Every important academic aspect is covered to help you achieve what you want.


The practicable knowledge of understanding the needs of students I gained as a student representative, a role that gave me first-hand experience of the problems that students face.

As mature or teenage students you will face the same problems overcoming the stress that succeeding will place on you as I had. Maybe this will be the first time that you have faced this kind of stress. Either way, understanding and dealing with stress is about planning for that future success which I will show you through my experience.

Every great achievement is about making a plan, a road map for success. I know students lead busy lives, so I have tried to keep this book as minimal as possible. By reading this book you will discover how to gain the success you seek rather than falling prey to failure.

The seed of your potential is unlimited. There exists in all of us much potential to discover. The potential to fulfil your aims and goals is just the beginning of the road of many steps we take along life’s journey of discovery. When we unleash our potential and believe in it we will then travel along very different roads to our eventual goals. Embarking on this route to new knowledge will let emerge an inner peace, which allows us to develop a deeper confidence in ourselves.

Success is about understanding failure and also about not worrying if you do. Many successful people will tell you that they have failed lots of times, before they reached what some of their peers would class as success. The conquest of reaching the summit of Mount Everest is an example of how people who failed in their attempts never gave up hope.

Every chapter in this book is written to give you the tools to accomplish your goal of obtaining a higher education qualification. Each chapter is essential reading to master the skills to not only get your degree, but also to excel. One of the main topics I feel is so important is confidence. Many people in general lack confidence in their ability to cope with new challenges that present themselves. I hope through my experience you will learn how to master the skill of inner confidence which will not only help in your studies, but also when dealing with everyday stress. The pressure our friends and family exert on us to succeed can be, for many, an unbearable burden and one that sometimes leads to unnecessary tragedy.

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