Saturday, 26 May 2012

When You Feel Lucky

Does feeling lucky make any difference?

Lottery Testing Random Numbers. 

I am testing tonight if feeling lucky makes any difference when it comes to picking random numbers. There are several theories of mine which I would like to test.

Below is a screen shot of the first attempt at picking the lottery numbers without a computer? Remember I said in the previous article on this subject that this was an experiment to test my mind against the computer.

I will rely totally on what I think is best on any given day. Tonight is the first test. I have just chosen 5 numbers at random if there is such a thing.

Some time ago many philosophers and scientists agreed that the universe was non- deterministic, but recent evidence suggests that even though the universe is described as in chaos, the evidence suggests otherwise. Apparently even though the universe is described as being in chaos the evidence is revealing, because although it’s difficult to find, there are patterns, which you should not find in a system in chaos.

A computer generates random numbers when you pick the computer to pick your lucky numbers for the lottery. No, the software program does that, not the computer. You see computers can only add up very fast, it’s just an illusion that they can multi-task. I have written several programs that included random number generators and also several lottery simulation programs. So, I know enough about how these computers generate random numbers.

Anyhow, this is just an experiment testing my mind against the computer. I just think that relying on the computer to pick your numbers may work at some point, but I like a challenge so we shall see what happens.

You can see I have chosen 5 numbers for the UK lotto.  My numbers tonight are:   17, 7, 33, 46, and 26. I chose to play via a bookmaker just because I like to play several combinations as you can see from the image.

The date is on the right bottom corner of the image which is 26/05/2012.

Anyhow, it’s just an experiment.
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