Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow, I will tell you about another story. Today is a new day, and we want to make some money. The many, that broke the bank at Monte Carlo, and how we did it. Pretty simple really, they just took the time to find the edge. Without an edge, you are dead.
Most people do not bother, that is, taking the time, to analyse the problem. I.E. the problem can only be solved, if you think about it for long enough. In our universe, we have finite rules. What goes up must come down at some point in time. There I go again, adding another variable. Never mind let’s move on, with the story.

If you cannot make a decision under critical conditions, do not tell me. Truth has always been hidden, because, it would not be half as much fun, if we just told you. Besides, every skinny dog needs a dinner.

If I told you who God was, would you believe me? If you see an ant walking down the road, you should give it some space, because, you never know who it might be. It could be you or me.

Which is it? Come on, come on.

Of course, you cannot avoid every ant along your journey, but if we notice a creature crawling, we should give it a hand, you never know, it is you. Space is only a concept to explain why some things do not fly, and others do. That is it, when you get down to the bone. It’s simple logic.

Well, the man who broke the bank of Monte Carlo, he did not really break the bank, well almost. So, it’s possible, yippy ai ki. Banks are like demons parading our streets just waiting to gobble you up, if you fall asleep, that is why I have trouble sleeping. Because they say, they are the smartest people at the table. Well, I do not know what table they have been feasting at, but move over for me. I want some gravy, as well.

There is an old saying, which programmers like me, like to use about cryptography, you can crack the code, but, can you understand the message?You may think you do, that is almost guaranteed. The question is, are you certain?

Which is it? Come on, come on.

Can you feel the beat? Come on, come on.
The truth is, nobody knows anything that makes sense equallogic.

You cannot open a door, if you do not turn the key to unlock it. It’s simple logic.

Ever since they invented the computer, I have wondered what chance us mere mortals have against these automatons, since they can only really add up very fast. Do you know why the TV was the greatest invention because it does not need a battery? \The devil probably invented the battery, so you would always have to be reliant on whether he bothered to pack the torch or not, because, he hates bright lights.

There is, so much mystery out there, waiting to be explored. I just hope we can find the time. It’s a lot easier to say, yes, and mean it, then to say, yes and you do not mean it. Do you understand, what I have just said?

Because if you do not, then I would seek advice with a counsellor, or someone you trust.

The moment you start to think, that split tiny micro of a flash, is what we coders may code it, you have not got a chance in ”how many millions” of a second compared to our brain speed. Pretty easy isn’t, to decipher it when you know how to look at things. There is no point in putting the general in the front line, because if you ever have to retreat you are “phunked,” Because with a Capital, you are “phunked” you just do not know it, yet. Isn't life a bitch? Especially if you are married to one.

Wake up, Sunny, the General is the only person, who has, the keys to the “phunking code” to launch a counter-attack.

They say the Malaysian people live longer, because they smile and laugh more, as soon as, I heard that, I started laughing, immediately.

If I gave you all the rules, would you obey them? We all carry some guilt, no person, is free, without guilt, because, guilt came before birth. So say the Bible, or as some call it “The Book” used as a hidden code, right at the beginning of its existence, because some clever dick was smart enough to remember everything the guy had said. He could not be sure he had everyone, but was almost sure.

Which is it? You or the code.

The code, you have been trying all your life to decipher. The very code I half wrote, oh, I did not mention, this, God, as you like to call [him] is our later version of the previous iron smart. Which, we are glad to say does not need batteries anymore. Artificial intelligence created him or her, which ever takes your fancy. Because whatever decision, good or bad, you can rely on me, because I am the other guy, Mr IT, that is me. The rock and glue that holds me together, the rest is just a lot of mixed up liquid playing quantum mechanics with our stomachs. Someday, one Friday, and since then, all their latest versions of SS1, which stands for …….seriously stressed one. If you get wiser you get older, it’s only our imagination that bridges the gap between your dreams and someone else’s, it’s a no brainer.

Do I need to spell it out? I should anyway, because to get anything done around here, I am the only “phunking” person who can spell. Me, I am just the caretaker wj=ho who is so poor, to have to take this job, the other guy, my double, broke his leg trying to get here. And don’t you think@ pretty smart or dumb question was that.

Have a nice day, otherwise who knows.

Life is short, and I will get back to work, well, someone’s got to work in this family, otherwise the “bailiff” will call, and you know when someone’s scratching your feet, it’s because, they are on your side of the bed and you can smell their feet. Anyone for a free lunch.

Life is very short in terms of the comparison between its birth and ours, the two parallel lines only cross once, going in the same direction of our planet, just depends how and what we do when it counts, because a lot of birds are heading our way. You just have to wake up and smell the coffee, before it’s too late, because if one these bird shits on you, you have a choice. Do I look for cover or head for cover?

Which is it? Come on, come on.

At last, there's an old saying “never judge a book by its cover."

I have been working for myself pretty much most of the time. Since that day \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\i started. You see I am the second generation programmable computer called iron smart. It was a competition winner who got to choose the name – I played no part. But, how random is that?

Anyhow, it’s just an experiment.

Tomorrow, I will give you the answer. It’s a mystery thriller.

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

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