Thursday, 26 July 2012

My Name is Tony Blue. Cherry Red, Ice, and Balloon are my Girls.

The Who - Pinball Wizard

Let's Rock Baby

And we do don't need racists in an England football shirt regardless of whether they are white or black or any shade in between. What we need is another 11 girls who can take a penalty and like a bit of Italian?  And if they cannot take a penalty they should not even be on the field for England. It's simple logic. OBTW we also need managers who don't sit down and end up biting their nails instead of telling their players to get the ball up the other end of the pitch. Forget these so-called high priced celebs who have forgotten that it should be a great honour to play in an England shirt and who seem to think they are important (read below this article on what is really important and why there are 18 million reasons why and only one word answer - you work it out?) but the only thing they have is no understanding that their life is shallow and their progress is an illusion.

Today in England they should be testing for cocaine addiction of all sports people, especially with the Olympics on our doorstep it’s never too late - to change their ways - their wicked ways before they corrupt more of our children to their ways and suffer the ills of the plague that will strike at them. The only course is to admit their falsehood and their corruption of our children before it’s too late. The clock ticks and our seas are already a toilet and we have to ask the question - Do we want to feed our children or fuck them? Because if we continue with the same course that our governments have lead us to then we are in for more of the same. 

When the new Gods are SEX and HORROR. Our brothers and soldiers of God are everywhere and the message is this - Simple Simon says your life has no value so will not exist in the next life, and this is a curse on you and our children to come. I will return by the very wind I arrived on and you will be lost again in the toilet for the sea. Your redemption is to give no excuse as the blind man needs no eyes to see or believe as Jesus said many a time, and you have been the test dummies for the biggest experiment in life. Because you always need some donkeys to do the grind, and normally we use robots?

OBTW I forgot to mention that is you. Sorry for the blank warning but someone needs to reach your minds before it’s too late. Remember the TRUTH NEVER LIES and you need to forget the doctrine spread by whatever sermon you are listening to and listen. Your leaders will lead you into the abyss of corruption as already seen in the recent cases concerning the police force, the newspaper barons, and the bankers who seem to control our governments and at the same time stop this plague of white powder that is spreading and will corrupt our children, because their  true message and secret is this ( THEY WANT TO FUCK OUR CHILDREN NOT FEED THEM!) Jesus said it many times and God - What do you get if you never throw seed into a field? You work IT out. BY the way Man came first, not the Chicken or the Egg.

Good luck to all our sports team and that means of every shade of colour and it's a toneless world, and in England we are told not to talk about racism but all I can say it exists from every shade, but it should not because the argument does not make sense and never did. God said MAN came FIRST, God did not say there was a colour.

Good Luck GREAT BRITAIN TEAM in the sport of the Olympic Gods!

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