Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Oh, by the way, my name is Fran, the daughter of Issy and Joe. There Was No Monkey Bite!

A Tale of the Unexpected...... The Monkey Tale.

I had not wanted to say anything about anything, but sometimes the story needs to be remembered just so we can get real enough before it is too late, because tomorrow never comes. And that would be a waste of intelligence. Our next serious and most beneficial task is to get to the stars, and seek new frontiers of endeavour so we can live longer and happier, but first we have to be honest with ourselves and stop lying to each other about why you cannot do something about this or that. In some countries nearly all freedoms have been won by blood. I hope we can feed ourselves, and avoid to Mephistopheles of raising sea levels, and a changing environment. Yes, the age of interstellar travel is what is needed, and we need to reach for the stars and seek out our frontiers just like the previous explorers and engineers. Scientists have brought great advances in our lives because we live right now at the best it’s been as far as we know IT.

Let's not forget the 80's
I was 10 as the 80's ended, and my dad told me what he remembered about the first part of the decade, he said at times with anger and comedy as he explained about the mix of riots, which was often blurred as to who was who at the time.

What my dad said, the reality was scary, and really elaborate at times, what he meant was later to sink in, but for now the story was confined to his sense of humour and his fatalistic view, but in all this he had seen through the players which was played out as if it was some sort of game of chess, but with the horror of Armageddon the only winner. There was always unemployment, AIDS, war, and nuclear paranoia on the agenda.

Anyone, who tries to tell you that they spent the decade with an asymmetric haircut, wearing legwarmers, and doing the Rubik cube is lying. My hair was always plain and simple, and while Thatcher did her thing, I did mine. I still have a nagging resentment about the Thatcher legacy though, but it is hard to imagine going back to just a BT phone land-line, and our big red brick home phone again.

Oh by the way, my name is Fran, the daughter of Issy and Joe, more to come later....

You Bring Joy - Amelia Lily

The Boy Who Murdered Love- Diana Vickers


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