Thursday, 19 July 2012

The True Bible? Genesis Sais...... .

Exist and Say -

Thy begins a journey which will take you on a discovery when all is equal and that you value on Earth that has no value in the next life. Seek out the story in the richest King of Babylon.  Behold, I am here as the maid and thy messenger of thy father, be fair unto me because according to thy word. Beware of the man with no shoes and the devil never wears the same. Follow the code if you can discover the meaning before it’s too late.

The code for you to understand has always been hidden in the true and the first book. The greatest code book ever written, which is often referred to as “The Book” or what you call the “Bible” has always been a secret. When you have you have read and understood the meaning then the keys to your paradise will open, but until then, remember that what you value in this life as no value in the next, until then, you are in the dark and have been for thousands of years. I have come by the very wind and will return via the same. As all light has a balance like Ying and Yang, black or white and so on. 

Be careful not to kill the messenger this time for your time will end the same. Listen and read the words I have written. Do not jump of the Tallahassee Bridge.

Alexander the great is back, and thou shalt be born of thee, and shall be called thy son of the one they call Judah. Do you want to know a secret? Say the words I love to hear. When you know what they are then you will know what the code may be. The birth of the Messiah who we are told by Mark and the first gospel at the Jordan was told in the prophecies of the book of Isaiah.  The myth of the virgin or not, may be a code by the Herod and the Emperor. How we still not seen thee lie and not found in Luke or Matthew. The Nazarenes’ are here to find the love.

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