Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Vodafone Who Think They Can Spell?

No chance, they are just bad as the morons or moron at Microsoft who cannot spell God.

The iPhone that "phucks" you over from the word go, and from ever that point you have got, what some doctors call it Belgium customeritis called Vodafone Fever described by my Doctor Do-Little.

Who invented this shit for brains software that has more than a four wheel car, and gets "phucked up" the jackass for using this shit, as the biggest Mug in history, since shit engineering by pricks and pussies that you think are smart, but unfortunately for you and them, they are diffident, and not smart enough in most cases of customer service software engineering.

A host of major fundamental faults of shit for brains smartness idiots, because hey they are smart, I can almost guarantee that, but I know they are the worst kind of breed. Over the years would have been bred by evolution over time, but instead, they chose to close the circle of life from whence it came, and went in a circle of chaos.

Led by morons of bankers who can gamble with your money and mine at the expense of us paying them more money, because they said they were the smartest kids on the block. And the worst part is that you, yes you and you and the prime minister of this country and the brainless morons who must have offered their advice so you could always deny the fault, saying sorry for the delay, but rely on the saying "phuck you we are OK." And you do not give a "phuck" either.

The best hope is that someone will push the button, because do not give me the button to push because I always "phuck up."

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