Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tales of the City Where Most Coca is Stuck in their Snout Combined With Some UP THE Jacksy?

You Have been wondering about this problem all your life, and NOW I COME TO TELL YOU> WHICH CAME FIRST the CHICKEN or the EGG? The answer and don't cheat because you are cheating and stealing from yourself. DO YOU WANT THE ANSWER< IT’S SIMPLE LOGIC? MAN came first, without the first MAN WHO WAS BLACKER THAN A WHITE CHERRY RED AND SEVERAL SHADES DARKER THAN MOST> Without Man there is Nothing? You work IT out. Before I go by the very wind I arrived on the world will plunge into a plague of corruption by the very people who say they are behind us, and they like the first position of the Kama and seen by the dog and the same in the land of the MACCABE's.               
Billy Becham the other half and the TRUE English FOOTBALL Star and Guess what? He has the same problem or not has the case may proceed, it is said that “golden ball” has the same tastes but the same number of balls minus 1. Yes the new England star for the future which I only discovered this week is the only player who doesn’t give the ball away, in fact it’s hard to get the ball of him, he is so fast and like I said is a bit off balance due to the minus 1 problem. 

I don’t know about you but my are ok at the moment, but maybe an operation to remove one may pay dividends to their shareholder who says if golden ball has balls is it the same as long lost cousin the supreme football star, Billy Becham, who apparently has had more pussy than most dogs like me {TONY BLUE who always scores for England and hasn’t forgotten how to kick a penalty,  And I have had more PUSSY THAN ROONEY AND THAT@S OFFICIAL and LEGAL< because I can PROVE IT< and I don’t need Specsavers?}. 

It’s quite simple really, you don’t look at the goalkeeper even if like most guys and dolls you like a bit of Italian. Keep your head down and your arms behind the body that way if the goalkeeper stands still because he has shit himself without the need for toilet paper, which is always a waste of energy. If you do this and the goalkeeper stands still. Well if the ball hits him in the goodies or the head especially. It’s more than likely to bounce off the big head and score. THAT@s HIT WITH Your Rhythm Stick!

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