Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The iPhone Shit That is Shit – So Sue Me Because It’s About To Become A Lasting Joke – Apple Big Heads!

You are the biggest joke this century maybe as the case may proceed – correct or not we will see. But remember this:  the Truth Never Lies. You Work IT out. If you can, you “num phucks” for intelligence which I can guarantee you think you have it, but unfortunately you haven't or at least some of your colleagues at the Apple Dumb Heads Quarters haven't because if you had the IPhone would not have left the production factory if you had engineers with brains instead of apples for brain tissue.

Consider this; believe me these guys or girls at Apple have made one hell of a joke at their expense of themselves, like stepping in shit because they don’t think before they move forward. You work IT out.

I have a list of common first base engineering cock-ups that either they don’t care which would be par for the course and I don't play that kind of ball game. Or they just forgot the principle of engineering or again they like a joke out of us the poor consumer who pay for this not so good joke. I guess they don't mind being a joke or at least the Cretans that allowed it don’t know either, because they don’t think, and have forgotten first principles when it comes to engineering. I know this because I am a Normal Joe and consumer who happens to test everything as a matter of principle and I also should say I’m a master caster in critical thinking. They. that’s the engineers or worse that have been paid as engineers  to make themselves look like dumb asses and ‘num phucks’  which they will lie, cheat and not listen because they know I am right. I should say I also read law studying copyright and intellectual property rights at university.  Like I say they have nowhere to go, yes I want to sell my books, but I write what I see and test because I am a master engineer. And I don’t need a doctor to tell me the Truth Never Lies. It’s simple Logic.

Here is a big clue and only one of the many ‘phuck ups’ with the iPhone for shit service device. It’s simple logic. Tell the cretin with the big apple on his or head what’s the point of printing a user manual so small that only maybe 6 year old with perfect eyesight can read?  You should at least issue a large magnifier glass with every IPhone. Who said we all have the same eyesight, now all the people I have met don’t need glasses but they haven't been able to read the lousy user manual that you printed and destroyed lots of trees to produce only because you like a joke. Do the apple heads like to waste resources? It may as well been printed in Greek but even then I would still need to go out and buy a large magnifying glass to read the useless printed user manual.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes 


  P.S. 18 Million reasons and only one word answer to your question.

It’s simple logic – Stupid – Why bother print a user manual guide which may be only used as a joke. But it makes a great story and a good joke – thanks for the joke – I love comedy it’s my passion. OBTW next time at least issue a large magnifier with every iPhone in the box then at least we will be able to read IT at leisure. And no excuses because if you have one and I know you are present thinking of one. But, who gives a shit, right, because you Apple Dumb. Com don’t think.

OBTW _ The JOKE is so Big you might as well call yourself IPhone for Dumb ‘Phucks’  who can’t read because we can’t read the ‘phucking’ manual either. Apple Heads for Dumb Phucks@ Apple Dumb.Com

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