Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Another Week and Another Dollar

Here are my lottery numbers for this week. They are: 5, 16, 23, 34, 46 as random as not even thinking about them for days or even minutes, I took just a flash in the infinity of time, literally micro seconds the same as the common computer random generator. The difference is being the two different processes used by me and the computer software.  I don’t need a seed to start, the numbers instantly arrive and then I either move up and down in purely random fashion, if there is such a thing as random.

Today’s date is June 12th 2012 

As mentioned before, at both the lottery and the bookmakers because I like to back a few combinations. Last week we came very close, but not close enough to make a big difference. You work it out.

The greatest code book ever written and even today, after thousands of years it still holds countless secrets, it’s just there waiting to be discovered. It wouldn't be the greatest book ever written, if it was just a picture book. There are always many meanings in any message, but only one real intended message for those who understand the secrets of the past. When you have become a master caster like me, then you may begin to reveal the knowledge buried inside the words. Just remember two things, without one; you don't have anything, because 1 is the most important number in the universe. You think about this for a minute or tw0.

I have already told you why 1 is so important, and the number two thing you should remember is fundamental to your space and time. Without it, you don’t exist. Have you figured it out yet?

When you do, or when I decide to tell you, you may be surprised. The most obvious is not always the answer, because the truth has always been hidden.

In the beginning…

At last there’s an old saying “knowledge is power, and without it there is no light.”

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

In my latest book “It’s Never Too Late” read how dreams do come true, but be careful what you wish for. Understand the secret of greed and you will attain one of the secrets of prosperity. The book will also take you on a journey and explores love, money, luck, and much more.


Hey, Chuck. Did you bring any spending money? Viva la vida loca.

Conducting Survey into Precognitive Choices

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