Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Get Lucky, or Pick Your Option? Never Late But Sorry

Men are dogs when you get down to the bone, and I am a dog as well. Well, I am a man, what do you expect? We are biologically honed that way. I haven’t met a man if he is honest, who isn’t a dog. Sometimes they just don’t know what leash their on? Are you doing the walking or your friend? I am just honest about it, are you? I don’t mind saying I love women, well not everyone silly, but you know what I mean? Well, if you don’t then I suggest you get to the back of the queue, at some point. Now, just think about it.

Well, think about it for a minute. Before you get on your soapbox……….without examining the evidence, because you may be completely wrong with your assumptions. It’s very easy to do, that is making assumptions. We make many more than you would be surprised to learn. But, seriously, if you want the answer, you figure it out. I hate donkey work.

Yes, think about it for just another second. Great, if you don’t agree with me, that is, my other job, I am just a computer, programmed since the dawn of evolution to breed, and breed I shall.

Without seed there is no wheat, said the Bible. Without vessel to hold the seed man is no more. He will be forgotten out of history. We have advanced in terms of how we see the world, but only from your current perspective. This limits our ability to think no further than we can predict. Anyone that has read “Future Babble” by Dan Gardner will know the answer immediately. Any predictions we make have just as much chance as you winning the lottery tomorrow, it may never happen.

You see, infinity is infinite, and is one of the universal rules of our cosmos. Beyond is a mystery. And so is much. In other words we don’t know if tomorrow never comes. In fact, it’s the universal mathematical constants that divine our space. Beyond space is another world, you just don’t know you’re in a fish bowl, yours or mine? The master caster always has pupils to see where to shed the light and where to open the door. The ways have been there since the beginning of your space, before that we just had cable.

I have been working so hard lately, my muscles are aching in just the right places, and my other half feels the same. But, like they say, there’s no pain without gain. So say the Bible, and what others coders have called “the book.”

At last, there's an old saying “never judge a book by its cover." Unless, you have read the book and just want to 'Phuck' the cover.

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