Friday, 29 June 2012

My Business is 2 Make You Think?

It’s simple logic, you work it out. Why should I tell you everything without first making you think, because if you want the keys to paradise, then you should at least ask one question which the answer is predicted to normal standard of deviation "welcome to the paradise" we are only temporary, our replacements are already in the production line almost like battery cells.

You do not have to draw an inference for the many to catch up. Well, I have the liberty or the guilt to say you have to be in hell, because it could be you next in this life or maybe in the next. It has been said by many messengers that if you throw seed into a field what do you get? Simple, a crop to harvest. You have to invest in the future as a farmer because it’s only then after hard work and care that the crop should be ready to yield its bounty of plenty provided along the way you have nourished and watered the plants.

Remember what is said in legend is just a reflection of why it is passed down through word of mouth and other means throughout time. The Truth Never Lies is a book I am writing about the reasons why the questions we ask and the answers govern really how we interpret who we are.

Try to build a nation without children it is a nation without a future, and are born with gifts and they have them to help mankind. This kind of science is the study of available options some of which are mathematical, that is how we solve complex problems with critical thinking mastered to the level of a master caster or Dan then you will understand the reasons and how to find the answers. Because the answers to all the questions you have are and have been always there, it’s just you have not been able to see them, but that's your fault not mine.

I saw an angel for sure, you work it out.

Read and listen to the music....

Taio Cruz - There She Goes

I can lead a horse to water, but I cannot make it drink. It’s the same for you, and  you have to make up your mind, and it’s easy would you let your child starve regardless of colour of skin, because it’s a toneless world as said in 7 seconds lyrics, its pure logic when you listen to the words and to the left hand of the one they call the Buddha. DKR or any other prophet and holy men would understand the ancient knowledge as code written down not to be lost, but always with several meanings, so the true meanings would out live any political motivated doctrine, religion, or war. It’s simple logic.

If you want control over a large population, then religion is a perfect partner, because if it’s used in a political force then it proves my point, I need not say any more.

Be happy, and here is where I am coming from, and listen to the music not just the words. We need to stop the 18 million children who die without people willing to say no, we will not let mankind disappear in Africa and complete a perfect circle. 

There's an old saying,

7 Seconds Away ~Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry

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