Saturday, 2 June 2012

Critical Thinking and Advertising

You know the other day; a very pleasant guy gave me a ring and asked if they could help me with my advertising campaign, I said “yes” why not, sounds good to me. To start with, I took his advice, but why exclude a whole country such as China? If I was a conspiracy theorist and I am not, but if I were I would be maybe thinking some foreign power doesn’t want me to make people laugh, just a theory.

Anyhow, I went ahead with what the salesman said, but I wasn't happy, why exclude a whole continent just based on whether they speak English or not, to me it doesn't make sense? And do you know why it doesn't make sense, because you are making an assumption? And most likely the wrong ones.

I don't blame the salesperson, maybe, his company's training is at fault, I don’t know, but any techno surfer can translate the page, write off the browser. I don’t blame the salesperson this is a malfunction; he was really helpful and necessary to explain how to use the interface for the first time, and it can seem very convoluted, even for me.

Critical Thinking - You Know or You Don't
Plain and Simple Sid
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But, I soon changed the settings of my advertising. I am a writer and software engineer, communication is my business, I always like to make new friends from anywhere in the world. You don't have to speak their language to make them laugh, but it may help you. I know when I have found a clumsy interface; it’s the one I am using now.

It’s the way you look at things, not always easy to see because you are looking in the wrong direction. That’s where critical thinking comes to the rescue. The answers are not always obvious, but critical thinking unlocks the doors to paradise. \\\\\when you become a master caster the answers are easy to see. After that, the rest is easy peasey.

Now and then, I wonder how long does it take for them to wake up, when you get that green line between two words, doesn't the software know to add in the correct space, instead no, we have to do it, that’s backwards thinking, the complete opposite of critical thinking. It’s quite easy to prove, are you psychic? How do you know what makes people laugh?

We are doing something we would normally employ a donkey to do, because you always need something or someone to do the leg work and that should be always the automaton dummy. We are pushing on the wrong end of the equation, we can always add in a space when we want to…... Wake up before it’s too late, please, pretty please. Someone give that guy a job he has just saved the company millions in donkey derbies. Hallelujah!

P.S. How many years is it, since they invented the word? Wake up you dumb "phunks." Someone, please tell them they need new light bulbs!

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