Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cherry Red and Tony Blue a New Cocktail?

Or should I say what a great time I had in Thailand, and I have just literally, barring a few hours, arrived back home in not so sunny England. Hooray! Hooray! Because I had a fantastic time in what an alternative title of this holiday tale may have been titled "Kamikaze  holiday in Thailand, but I met some beautiful people" 

The full story over the days that follow. Just let’s get this straight, I had a great time, even though some of the events that caused me grief of one sort and another, made me laugh more because, it always makes me money, well you work it out. It’s a great story, because although funny at times, it’s true. 

I soon found out what the traffic is like in Bangkok at certain times and places, it feels you are stuck to your seat inside a taxi cab and that there is no end to how long it takes to go from colour to the next. I soon learnt the best way to travel being the single dog I am, was to go what I termed "Kamikaze" on the motorbike taxi service, which was easy, and the quickest way to travel, although you need to be like me and "Kamikaze" at least while you squirm your way around every gap in the traffic, and it helps when your balance is perfect for the ride. What I call the "Kamikaze" style. 

I have some other interesting stories to tell of my holiday, yet to come. Let me repeat to everyone reading; don't make assumptions because I know you have already made some. Haven't you? I talk to everyone no matter who they are, or who they say they are. My experience of Thailand was great, the people everywhere were generally very friendly and offered advice when asked, even with the language barrier I could convey my thoughts, and they more or less understood me most of the time.  

This is gospel, they have a better command of my first language then I do of theirs, but I try. I took lots of interesting photos, which when time allows, I may post them.

Anyhow, the next titbit to follow:

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